Wendy Kawabata


Artist's Statement

The works in this series look at a range of social engagement from pacifism to activism, futility, rebuilding. They explore the paths we travel, the ones we don’t, the urge to protect, to defend, or withdraw, the voices heard, the ones drowned out. Wrapping thread, piercing paper with a needle, or staining and seaming together paper, reveal a process that is overt in its construction and economy, and provide a space for quiet, reconciliation, and attentiveness. This repetition is the insistence of interior experiences – the constant pressure of something hidden but not forgotten.

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Wendy Kawabata Bio

Wendy Kawabata was born and raised in Michigan. Shortly after completing graduate school at the University of New Mexico she accepted a position at the University of Hawaii at Manoa where she is an Associate Professor of Art in the Department of Art and Art History. Her work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions including the Corban Estate Arts Centre and Sanderson Contemporary Gallery in Auckland, New Zealand, the Contemporary Museum at First Hawaiian Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, the Center for Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College, and the Haas Gallery of Art at Bloomsburg University. She has received recognition from national and international publications including, Art in America, Modern Painters, Artweek, and NO Magazine.