Prose Editor, and Editor in Chief, Jennifer Colville: Jennifer Colville received her MFA from Syracuse University and her PhD from the University of Utah. Her fiction has appeared in such publications as DIAGRAM, Mississippi Review, Literary Review and the Huffington Post. Her book of short stories, tentatively titled "Elegies for Uncanny Girls" is forthcoming from Indiana University Press's Break Away Books.

Poetry Editor, Susan Goslee: Susan Goslee received her MFA from the University of Alabama and her PhD from the University of Utah. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in such journals as Prairie Schooner, Indiana Review, Salamander, and The Cimarron Review. She is an assistant professor at Idaho State University.

Photography Editor, Christopher Colville: Christopher Colville received his MFA in photography at the University of New Mexico. His work has been exibited nationally and internationally and is in the permanent collections of the International Center for Photography, the Museum of Photographic Arts and the Eastman House. 

Visual Arts Editor, Amanda Hunter Johnson: Amanda received her graduate degree in art conservation from the University of Delaware/Winthitor Museum. She is Associate Paper Conservator at the SF Moma. She has laid her hands on Duchamps, Pollocks, and Renoirs. She may have even made some small improvements. She is currently researching the works of Robert Raushenberg.

Book Editor, Kalmia Strong: Kalmia Strong is a bookmaker, artist, curator, and community arts organizer. She received an MFA in book arts and an MLS from the University of Iowa and is the program director at Iowa City art space Public Space One. She has worked with a filmmaker, a choreographer, several poets, and a group of teenage writers, among others, to create handmade books.

Mixed Media Editor, Karen Carcia: Karen Carcia is a letterpress printer and poet; she is the author of On Subjects of Which We Know Nothing (New Michigan Press, 2011). 

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